Tape-a-Talk Pro Voice Recorder

Source:Markus Drösser

This is the pro version of "Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder".

Watch the video to learn about the features and how to use them here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cILWdxVeBE

Additional features of this pro version are at the moment:

- Quick rename and send after recording now available.

- Set custom default mail settings (subject, recipient and text).

- Fast forward/Rewind during recordings. Overwrite what you want to record again by seeking to the point where recording should continue. You can even do this later on already finished recordings. Your phone becomes a dictation machine! ADVICE: Please try out that feature first on unimportant recordings to learn how it works!

- Cut recordings: Cut out what you don't like with a few clicks.

- Widget: Now you can start, pause and stop recording via the widget on your homescreen (see screenshot). To add the widget to your homescreen, simply Right-Click on your homescreen, choose "Widgets -> Tape-a-Talk Pro".

- Repair recordings: Did your phone ever crash during a record or the battery run out and you could't play back the recording? Now you can (most probably) repair the file in Tape-a-Talk and though listen to it. All with a simple click in the context menu. Note: this does not fix recordings with noise or other problems. It just fixes the header of the file to make it playable.

- Nicer interface and "big buttons"-mode (can be enabled optionally): The user interface was redesigned for better looks and the optional "big-buttons"-mode makes the buttons larger so you can easily click on them (see screenshots).

- Free of Ads: this app contains absolutely no ads, no need for internet access permissions, network access, phone state access permissions or similar.

Before buying, try the ad supported version called "Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder" (it has much less features but you can check whether recording works for your phone, please note: currently does not work on Samsung Galaxy S, maybe other devices). You are responsible for checking whether the app will work on your phone or not (by testing the free version), otherwise you possibly spend your money and find out it does not work.

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